Fifth Sunday of Lent
18th March 2018
Sunday Cycle Year B Weekday Cycle Year 2 Office: Psalter Week 1


Sunday 18th March Fifth Sunday of Lent

9.00am Mass
5.00pm Mass

Monday 19th March

No Mass Today
5.30pm Reception of the Body of David Ormson

Tuesday 20th March

10.00am Mass
12.30pm Requiem Mass David Ormson

Wednesday 21st March

10.00am Mass
7.00pm Stations of the Cross

Thursday 22nd March

No Mass Today

Friday 23rd March

10.00am Mass

Saturday 24th March

10.00am Stations of the Cross
10.30am Mass
Confessions from 11.00am

Sunday 25th March Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

9.00.00am Mass
5.00pm Mass


I have loved you with an everlasting love so I am constant in my mercy for you.’
Jeremiah 31:3

Diocesan Prayer
God our Father, open the horizons of our minds and hearts so that we can see what hope your call holds for us. Pour out the overflowing gifts of your Spirit so that we, your Church, may become a people of hope for our world. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.
Our Lady, Woman of Hope, pray for us.
St Peter, Rock of Hope, pray for us.
St Paul, Apostle of Hope, pray for us.


Sick & HouseboundPlease remember in your prayers all the sick and housebound, in particular, those recently sickRina Kerby, Kath Perry, Stephen Hooper, Tom Lewis, Allen Jenkins, Lena Buck, Marie Shields, Harry Jenkins, Kathleen Farrell, John Shoemake, Simon Jenkins, Annie Conway, William Hewitt, Malachi Moran, Wayne Parrock, Mary Sheehan, Eugenia Jaworska, Miriam King, Jean Feltham, Gertie McCann, Maurice Kerby, Derek West, Carmel Jenkins, James Barr, Aileen Milkins. Please also remember in your prayers all whose anniversaries occur at this time  –  Mary Sims, Margaret Durcan, Martin McLean, Albert Winslade, Joseph Cox, Hannah McAvoy, Mary Pryce, Nancy Pryce.

Reminder: Red Boxes (Missio/APF) Please put your box on the table at the back of the church for emptying during the month of March. 7 boxes already received out of 21 in circulation. Thank you.

 Covenant is renewed in this Sunday’s first reading. You could say that the Covenant is re-written and re-inscribed but not in a way that God’s People had imagined. Remember that image from two Sundays ago and the gift of Law on Mount Sinai. There the Law was written on those two tablets of stone; now it is to be written on the human heart. God plants his law deep within us writing it upon the very core of our being. In doing so God shows mercy, compassion and forgiveness towards his people in giving them a new start. But maybe during this Year of Mission we need to take note of the request made to Philip in the Gospel, ‘We want to see Jesus’. It may not be articulated in such a way, but is that the request of today? Are there people looking for Jesus, wanting to find him and come near to him? The answer is ‘yes’. As disciples, we are the ones who can point people to the Lord; we can enable people to find him and encounter him in us if our lives are centred on the law of love planted within us. We mustn’t be afraid of allowing others who search to encounter the Lord through us!

UCM   Meet on Wed. 21 March in the Majella Room after Mass. All Ladies very welcome. We will have “Easter Biscuits & “Hot Cross” Buns!  Bring your “Easter Bonnet” (If you have one!)

The Cafod Soup Lunch held on Wed. 7 March raised £185. Donations for new Hymn Books £25.                    Donation from UCM for Heating £50. Thank You!

Red Boxes – Missio (A.P.F.)
The half-yearly emptying of boxes will take place as usual during March. Please put your box on the table at the back of the church and collect your emptied box the following week from the same place. If you are unable to bring your box to the church, please tel. Adrian (9775683) to arrange for collection. If you do not presently have a “Red Box” but would like one please ask at the paper desk. Thank you!

Stations of the Cross
In addition to Stations of the Cross on Saturday’s, for the rest of Lent there will be Stations of the Cross on Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm. Do please try and make the effort to come along.

St Bernadette Primary School would like to extend a warm welcome to parishioners to attend the school’s stations of the Cross.  It is held at St Bernadette Church on March 22 at 1030.  The school and visitors are led by the year 5 pupils.

50+ CLub
Meet in the Hall on Tuesday April 3 to discuss a programme for the rest of the year. Prospective new members will be very welcome

Water Costs
The parish costs for water are metered, so we pay for exact usage. Recently it has been found that taps in both the Majella room area and the Parish Hall have been left running after use. Please ensure taps are fully turned off. Notices will be put in appropriate areas to remind users to do so. The same applies to electric lights. Thank you.

CTS booklets, Repository and Newspapers
Please take time to look especially at the display of CTS booklets at the rear of the church. We are sent regular supplies of latest release pamphlets on many varied topics. It would be good to increase the sales for the benefit of the parish. If sales dwindle it may be necessary to stop the supply. Please use it or lose it! Our Repository is always well stocked. If there are any items you wish to order please make yourself known. Catholic newspapers are available to purchase every Sunday. Why not ask to be added to the list of customers.

Deanery Reconciliation Service
at St. Pius on Wednesday 21st March at 7.00 pm. “In preparation for Easter, let us celebrate this joyful sacrament and in the words of Pope Francis ‘allow our hearts to be touched.’

Events at Emmaus House, Whitchurch
From Easter through to Pentecost we plan to begin again our Friday evening Meditation at Emmaus House. This is a Quiet Hour with reflection on the coming Sunday Gospel. Time: 7.00-8.00 pm  Dates:April 6th. 13th, 20th, 27th and May 4th, 11th and 18th Scripture and Prayer Day for Easter:  Saturday April 7th  10.00 am – 3.00 pm.

David Ormson A requiem Mass will be celebrated for David on Tuesday the 20th March at 12.30pm. David will be received into the church on Monday the 19th March at 5.30pm. Please remember David and his family and friends in your prayers. May he rest in peace.

 James Patrick Farrell  A Requiem Mass will be celebrated for James on Wednesday 4th April at 12.00pm. James will be received into the church on Tuesday the 3rd April at 5.00pm. Please remember his family and friends in your prayers. May he rest in peace.

Safe Parking Reminder
Please do not park on double yellow lines outside the church unless you exhibit a blue disabled permit. Our neighbours have complained about parking on double yellow lines and this could result in the unwelcome issue of parking tickets. There is ample free parking available at Broad Walk Shopping Centre (Multi-storey car park) only 5 minutes walk  from St. Gerard’s  church..

MASS FOR THE FEAST OF BL. OSCAR ROMERO – martyred 24th March 1980   Now that Oscar Romero’s Canonisation (declaration of Sainthood) has been announced in Rome, it is with special joy this year we commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of this shepherd who laid down his life for his flock, the poor and oppressed of El Salvador while celebrating Mass on 24th March 1980, the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation. You are invited to come and rededicate yourself to serving the poor of our city, our nation, our world and being nourished by the Gospel of Christ as made flesh in the life, death and resurrection of this great modern Archbishop and Prophet of the Poor. At St Nicholas of Tolentino Church, Lawford’s Gate, Bristol BS5 0RE on Saturday 24th March at 12noon, followed  by refreshments (Parish car park in Pennywell Road). Guest speaker at the Mass will be Jacqueline Chenier Golcher, whose international work makes her a frequent visitor to El Salvador and who will speak of the struggles of El Salvador today.

Reminder of items detailed in previous newsletters:

1.Scripture and Prayer Days at Emmaus House, Saturdays  7 Apl., 19 May, 6 Oct., 1 Dec. (10.0-3.30)

2.Deanery Healing Mass, Sat. 28 April at St. Gerard. 2.30  pm.   N.B. DATE CHANGE to 28 April

3.6 Summer Camps at Viney Hill Adventure Centre.13-17 Aug. for age 7-11, 20-24 Aug. for ages 12-16

4 Pilgrimage to Knock 1 July. Tel. Patricia 01268762278

5. Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage 24-31 August. Deacon David Wakefield 07711834800..

6. Sacrament of Reconciliation with Bishop Declan at St. Teresa, Filton Thurs 22 March at 7.0pm..

Please refer to the newsletter archive (Blue File) located at the back of the church for full details

Parish Accounts-Accounts for the year ended 31.12.17 will be presented on Sun.6 May


CONFESSIONS ~ Saturdays from 11.00am and at call.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Benediction ~ Saturdays from 9.30am

Rosary ~ Friday 9.30am

First Sunday of the Month ~ Tea, coffee & refreshments in the hall, All Welcome.

Parish Finance
The collection for Parish funds on 4 March. totalled £588.60 (Gift Aid £200.50 Loose £388.10)


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